Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Trial at Ickworth Park on Saturday 30th September 2017 8.00am start

This trial is Pre-entry, however the running order will be composed on the day

Running 3 dogs - please report to CD by 8.00am
Running 2 dogs - please report to CD by 10.00am
Running 1 dog - please report to CD by 12.00noon

Trial Organiser – Bob Wilden (07711 822704)
Course Director – Grace Baldry-Roberts (07780-986912)
Judge – Michael Longton

Those entered are -

Running 3 dogs -
Ben Smith 
Graham Baldry
Richard Curtis
Ricky Hutchinson
Megan Jenkins
Angela Hughes

Running 2 dogs -
Bob Powell
Bob Wilden
Chris Taylor
Claire Neal
Ed Thornalley
Gill Bharkhda
James Dumbleton
John Palmer
Sue Little
Toby Bulgin
Val Powell
Wendy Cole
Ed Hawkins

Running 1 dog -
Ben Dumbleton
Eddie McBride
Hannah Taylor
James McBride
Jamie Gregory
John Painter
Mark Day
Neal Rouse
Richard Little
Sarah Jenkins

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