Thursday, November 28, 2019

Newsletter Articles

In preparation for next year's Open season newsletter, I am asking if anybody would be interested in writing trial reports or anything else of interest to include.

If you have any ideas, please let me know via email: easssecretary@btinternet.co.uk

Thursday, November 21, 2019

Chairman's Report - AGM 2019

Welcome everyone to the AGM; it's nice to see so many faces, and particularly some new ones.

I believe the East Anglian Sheepdog Society is one of the strongest societies in the country. Since its reformation in 1976, I think it has gone from strength to strength; progressively adapting for its members and the changes within the sheep industry throughout East Anglia. I'm sure that Richard Seabrook and the other founding members would be very proud to see it today. I believe we offer more to our members than any other society for every level of dog, competitor and handler; from absolute beginners right through to International team handlers. The sheep industry has changed dramatically since those early days of our Society; back then there were much larger sheep numbers within East Anglia, with many estates carrying large breeding ewe flocks. Whereas now, the breeding numbers within our area have lessened and the focus is now more on store lamb finishing or running gimmers. Gone are the days of Ingham sheep sale; three sales through the Summer selling up to 10,000 sheep at the main August sale. However, as a Society, we have adapted; securing venues and sheep to enable us to continue to put on trials. We now put on more trials than ever, with Open trials taking place in every month throughout the Summer and a very full Winter Nursery series.

This is all due to the incredibly hard work that YOUR Committee put in; thanklessly and tirelessly. Unlike many societies in the UK, we don't have many farmer or shepherd members, so for many of our trials, there is quite a logistical job to cart handling systems, trial course, toilets - not to mention in many cases, the sheep to the venue! This work is often carried out by the same few people for every trial and often at their own personal expense in fuel, not to mention time, so please all be aware of this.

At the risk of repeating what I wrote in the last newsletter, I would like to thank the whole Committee for their work in making our Society what it is, and I would (again) like to thank the "unseen heroes" of our Society. Whilst it is perhaps unfair to single anyone out, I feel it's important that all members realise the hard work that goes on behind the scenes. So I would particularly like to thank Kath Perry for her hard work as Treasurer and Open Trials Secretary, Grace Baldry-Roberts for her work as Society Secretary, and also the non-dog running members of our Society, namely Den Else, Claire Lyster and Denis Jenkins.

On a final note, I would like to thank the Society itself for allowing me to be Chairman for the past 2 years; a position I consider to be an honour as personally I owe the Society so much. A long time ago, when I knew nothing about sheep or dogs, I met a man names Will Grey. Shepherd on Elveden Estate, Will introduced me to sheep and dogs, and in fact gave me a pup called Millie. He then suggested I join the Society. On the rare occasion things go well on the trial field, I want to thank Will - but more often than not, I want to blame him for introducing me to the most addictive drug I have ever taken! It's a lifelong affliction with many more lows than highs - I often mutter to myself "it's Will Grey's fault". However, I believe that the occasional highs far outweigh the lows, so on that note, let's all try and work to make OUR Society even better!

Ed Thornalley

Friday, November 15, 2019

Change of Trial Venue

Hi All

Due to the wet weather the trial at Kate’s Hill (Sunday 1st December) has had to be moved. It is now going to be held at Worlington, IP28 8SG - please can you all try and make as many people as possible aware.

Thank you!

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Membership renewal is due!!

Membership renewal is due!!

To run in any of our Winter trials you must have signed up or renewed your EASS Membership.

Send your membership fee with your name and details to our Membership Secretary:
Kath Perry
14 Stone Road,
NR20 4LS

Alternatively should you wish to pay via BACS email your name and details to:
BACS Payments to:
Account Number: 00240771
Sort Code 30-98-58

Membership fee is £12.00 each

Membership forms will also be available at our trials.


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