Tuesday, October 12, 2021

IMPORTANT - Regarding Trial Entry


With our Nursery/Novice/Cradle/Novice Handler trials now upon us I would just like to clarify how to enter.

To enter any of our winter Nursery/Novice or Cradle/Novice Handler trials you must be a paid up member of the East Anglian Sheepdog Society

The Nursery/Novice and Cradle/Novice Handler trials will be PRE-ENTRY ONLY. To enter please contact Kath Perry, stating which trials you wish to enter, how many dogs and in which class you wish to run.

In the week prior to the trial a running order will be published.

Nursey/Novice trials will start at 10.30am unless otherwise stated.

Cradle/Novice Handler trials will start at 8.30am unless otherwise stated.

Between 8.30am and 10.30am on the Nursery/Novice days we will allow Open dogs to run, this will be ENTER ON THE FIELD, no pre-entry will be taken and there will be NO RUNNING ORDER. Due to the fact that the main event is the Nursery/Novice trial, the running of Open dogs should be considered a “bonus”, entries will be on a first come first served basis, and the running of open dogs will finish strictly at 10.30am with no exception. If time permits open dogs may be allowed to run after the Novice/Nursery trial has finished but this will be completely at the discretion of the trial organiser and judge.

Hope to see you all soon

Ed Thornalley


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