Thursday, February 17, 2022

Meet our Sponsors for the English Nursery Final

Meet the sponsors for Team EASS heading to the English Nursery Final 2022

“The practice opened in October 2021 and is owned and run by Howard Kellock and his wife Katrina. Howard has provided veterinary care in Norfolk for the last 10 years and recently decided to start up his own practice. This was prompted by the increasing corporate ownership of Large Animal Vets in the area as well as a desire to provide a better more bespoke service to the clients.  We have invested heavily in modern kit so that no aspect of first opinion veterinary services is neglected and a complete range of preventative and diagnostic services are available. It is important that your Vets stay up to date with modern medicine and advances which is why Howard is a member of both the British Cattle Veterinary Association and the British Equine Veterinary Association. On top of this he has recently completed his Certificate in Advanced Veterinary Practice with an emphasis on Cattle Production.

Supporting Howard and Katrina are their 2 children, Willow and Elijah and you will usually find Howard out on calls with his 2 energetic Border Collies, Travis and Nala.”

Why sponsor the EASS?

“Howard recently set up Fakenham Farm and Equine Vets in Norfolk.  He comes from a hill farm in North Cumbria where the working dogs are essential to being able to work on the rough ground and he has 2 Border Collies of his own.

Howard approached EASS because he is keen to help support local groups within the agricultural community.  Having personal experience working with Collies, he is keen to support anyone who highlights how fantastic working dogs can be.”

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